Regardless of the season, a broken air conditioning and heating unit can be a massive headache for the entire family. In some cases, it can even be a hazard.

Rather than immediately rushing out to buy a new unit, though, your first move is to contact the experts at Air Master Heating and Air Conditioning. We offer professional and high-quality HVAC repair in Ferndale, Michigan.

Understanding HVAC Repair

What does HVAC stand for?

HVAC is an acronym that stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This abbreviation encompasses all the systems that we cover under our services.

How do I avoid HVAC repairs in Ferndale, Michigan?

Much like taking care of your health, prevention is the best medicine when it comes to HVAC systems. The best way to avoid damage and extend the lifetime of your air conditioning or heating equipment is by changing air filters, cleaning evaporator coils, and checking refrigerant levels regularly. We are happy to extend our maintenance services to help you avoid repair costs down the road.

What is a major HVAC repair?

Any situation that calls for the removal or replacement of major HVAC components necessitates a major repair. This can be the removal of compressors, condensers, evaporators, or auxiliary heat coils. These are extensive repairs that carry a much higher price range than standard repairs and maintenance services.

How Do I Know if My HVAC System Needs Repair?

There are a few evident signs that your air conditioning system requires repair. Some of these include:

Warm Air

If your thermostat is set to the desired temperature but you still notice warm air coming from the vents, you might face several potential issues. Most commonly, this results from restricted airflow or a broken compressor.

Weak Airflow

Insufficient airflow is one of the most common signs that an air conditioner needs repair. Often, it’s the result of blockage.

If you change the air filter regularly and notice a change in airflow, you might be dealing with a broken motor or a more significant problem. In either case, the best course of action is to call for HVAC repair in Ferndale, Michigan, before you continue to run your AC. This helps avoid further damage to the unit.

Air Conditioner Turns On Too Frequently

Air conditioning units with cycles that appear too frequent, regardless of the weather or internal temperature, often have a faulty thermostat or similar electrical problem. An HVAC repair specialist can help diagnose the unit and, in many cases, fix it in one visit with a quick tune-up.


Condensation is a normal part of the refrigeration process for any air conditioning unit. However, these liquids should not accumulate in excessive amounts. If you notice a leak or pooled water build-up under your unit, this means that your AC is not running correctly. An HVAC repair specialist in Ferndale, MI, can uncover the source of the problem and offer the necessary upkeep.

Do You Need HVAC Repair in Ferndale, Michigan?

A broken HVAC unit is not only inconvenient, but it can also decrease the air quality in your home. Don’t let the problem get worse! Call the experts at Air Master Heating and Conditioning today!