Professional Fireplace Installations in Southfield, Michigan

Winter is always coming when you live in Michigan. Cold temperatures regularly dip under zero degrees Fahrenheit, and when it gets that chilly, it's nice to have a beautiful centerpiece for your family to gather around. At Air Master Heating and Air Conditioning, we are experts in fireplace installation for the Southfield, Michigan community.

Let's learn what a fireplace can add to your home.

Is a Fireplace Right for Your Home?

Fireplaces serve much more than just the practical purposes of heating your home. A modern fireplace creates a lovely gathering space that can bring a room together and raise the property value of your home.

Is a Fireplace Worth the Expense?

This is one of the most logical questions when considering an addition to a home. You'd be happy to know that a fireplace will more than likely return your entire investment by raising the level of interest of potential buyers if you ever want to sell. In fact, recent surveys show that over 50% of prospective home buyers want at least one fireplace in their new house.

Do I Really Need a Fireplace?

Some homeowners might think that a fireplace is old-fashioned, but modern styles offer a wide range of benefits that make sense for fireplace installations in Southfield, Michigan. For starters, modern fireplaces provide a more effective heating method than a central air conditioning unit with lower energy expenditure.

Gas and electric fireplaces can heat up to 2000 square feet of space with less overhead than it costs to heat the same size space with a larger central unit. An additional benefit of these fireplace designs is that they also have a low carbon footprint and are more energy-efficient than traditional models.

Can I Find a Place to Fit a Fireplace in My Home?

Our fireplaces are versatile and can be placed in most living spaces. The electric fireplace models are especially suited for various locations throughout the house. These models can be put into a wood-framed wall or an existing opening for a wood-burning fireplace.

If your concern is finding a location, we’ve got you covered. Our team has experience with countless fireplace installations in Southfield, Michigan. We can help you find the ideal location in your home, taking into consideration the venting requirements.

Is a Fireplace Hard to Maintain?

Quite the opposite!  
New fireplace models are designed to be hassle-free and easier to maintain than the traditional wood fire options of the past. Electric fireplaces are especially easy to clean so that you can enjoy your new centerpiece's benefits without any added headaches.

Looking for Expert Fireplace Installations in Southfield, Michigan?

The experts at Air Master Heating and Air Conditioning are always ready to offer the highest quality products that you can count on to last, as well as effective, easy-to-schedule installations.

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service every time, with no excuses, and our track record of almost four decades serving Michigan families speaks for itself. If you are ready to get started, call us today and request a quote!