November 15, 2021

Winter is coming, so you better get your furnace repair in Rochester Hills before it's too late! With the seasons quickly changing, it's more important than ever to have your annual furnace inspection performed by a qualified HVAC technician. What is so special about yearly furnace maintenance and inspection, you say? Let's take a look!

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Importance of Furnace Inspection

Ensures That Your AC is Up and Running

Furnace inspection sees to it that your HVAC is working as efficiently as possible. During the technician's visit, they will inspect and clean the parts of your heating and cooling system. Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system will run more efficiently when accurately inspected and cleaned.

One of the most common efficiency killers is a dirty air filter. The job of an air filter is to get rid of contaminants like dust, dirt, and pet hair from the air in your home. When it gets dirty, your air filter will restrict the airflow and make your entire HVAC system work harder and not as efficiently as possible.

Depending on the kind of air filter you are using and how long your system has been running, it is ideal to clean or maintain it twice a month. Can't remember the last time you changed your air filter? You can replace it yourself or ask any HVAC specialist to change it during your furnace inspection appointment. When you change the air filter, make sure that you write the date on the edge of the filter box to check and change it if necessary.

Aside from the work efficiency of your HVAC system, there are several reasons why you need to replace your air filter. Here are some causes that will persuade you to change your air filter every two months.

  • Enhances Indoor Air Quality - The proper AC filter can filter out dust, pollutants, and other particles to ensure indoor air quality. This can be beneficial to the health of your entire family and can be especially helpful for the elderly, children, and people with breathing problems. By changing filters regularly, you can enjoy better indoor air quality for all members of the family.
  • Avoid Chances of Breakdowns - As air filters age and decline, they can release debris and fibers directly into the functioning parts of your air conditioner. This may result in mechanical failures that can affect the comfort of your home. By ensuring that your air filters are up, running, and free of unnecessary dust and other unpleasant particles, you can escape costly repairs to your heating and cooling system in the future.

Essential for Your Family's Health

Just like a dirty and clogged air filter, you don't want your heater to circulate airborne pollutants, dust, and allergy-causing particles with it as it distributes air around your home. A clogged furnace makes it more difficult to remove these particles from your home's air efficiently.

You don't want viruses, allergens, pet dander, mold, and dust mites roaming your home, do you? An experience furnace specialist will ensure that your cooling and heating system is free of mildew, mold, dust, and other impurities that might harm your indoor air quality.

Important to Prolong the Life of Your HVAC System

Even if everything is working fine, preventative heater maintenance and inspections are essential to the life of your HVAC system as they fix any problems before they become worse and require costly repairs or replacements. Remember, the better your cooling and heating technology works, the longer it will last. A properly maintained heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system can last 15-20 years.

Guarantees Efficient Work

Furnace inspection guarantees that your heating and cooling system is in excellent shape. Our certified professionals will guarantee that your HVAC appliance is performing correctly and efficiently during a maintenance appointment.

Our HVAC specialist will:

  • Check the unit, including the wirings
  • Clean and lubricate every unit part as needed
  • See to it that the fuel levels are in line with the manufacturer's guidelines
  • Calibrate pressure in the fuel line and test the pilot light if it works properly
  • Clean every HVAC component of the pilot light and fuel line mechanism
  • Make necessary adjustments to the unit so that it provides efficient and reliable service
  • Determine any potential repair needs and mechanical issues

Yearly furnace inspection and regular air conditioner maintenance are just as vital as getting periodic examinations with our doctors and having annual maintenance done on our cars. We recommend that you have your HVAC system inspected, cleaned, and maintained twice a year, preferably in the fall before using the furnace for the first time and in the spring before using the air conditioner for the first time.

Warranty Protection

Typically, furnace warranties include a requirement that the equipment is professionally maintained on a regular basis. The guarantee on the furnace will be voided if it isn't serviced and maintained by authorized technicians. That said, you may be held responsible for replacements and repairs that the warranty would otherwise cover. The gist is that maintenance protects you from manufacturer flaws.

Keeps Heating Costs Down  

A heating system is subject to wear and tear over a year due to the strain on how it functions. Such condition reduces the furnace's efficiency because it'll use more energy to run than it usually would. You will most likely experience a continuous rise in your utility bills if you keep your furnace in lousy condition.

What Do I Have to Do Before a Furnace Inspection?

Before your furnace expert visits, make sure that the room where your heater system is located is clutter-free. Remove any items you may have stored near the heater or on your way to appliances. A well-lit area is also essential, so be sure to replace burned-out bulbs. It's also a good idea to have a replacement furnace filter on hand so that if the technician reviews the filtration system and determines that the filter needs to be replaced, they can install the new filter on site.

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Guaranteed Furnace Repair in Rochester Hills!

Ensure that your furnace is in good working order and ready to go for fall and winter. For additional information on how to keep your furnace up and running without any potential risk or damage development, schedule a furnace inspection with us. Contact our Air Master Heating and Air Conditioning customer agents today!