November 19, 2021

Furnaces are used to heat the air inside homes in the winter to keep you warm. They assist in the circulation of conditioned air from your cooling system during the summer. If you need furnace repair services in Birmingham, we've got you covered.

If you require regular air circulation in your home to keep you warm and comfortable, they are an excellent choice. Furnaces, like any other appliance, require routine maintenance. Cleaning your furnace not only improves its performance but also extends the life of your unit.

Your home is heated by the combustion of natural gas or propane if you have a gas furnace. A neglected furnace can cause issues that are both costly and dangerous. Furnace repair has its advantages and importance for making a w arm and cozy home.

Neglecting Furnace Maintenance

You're aware of the advantages of changing your vehicle's oil and having it serviced regularly, right? It's just as important to make sure your furnace's components are in good functioning order. Ignoring furnace maintenance can cost you a lot of money and potentially put your life in danger.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Incomplete combustion produces carbon monoxide, which is a natural byproduct. It's a poisonous gas that's colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Almost all gas furnaces emit a tiny quantity of carbon monoxide, which should be vented to the exterior of your home safely. 

Dirty furnaces that aren't serviced regularly, on the other hand, may produce higher, lethal levels.

DIY Furnace Maintenance

We recommend checking out these troubleshooting tips early in the heating season:

Check The Air Filter In Your Home

Air filters are sometimes overlooked, yet their value in maximizing the performance of your home's furnace cannot be stressed. Before having the furnace repair Birmingham, check air filters.

Filthy air filters can cause a variety of home comfort issues, including:

  • Increased energy bills
  • Reduced efficiency
  • Airflow is restricted.

Check Your Thermostat Again

  • Checking the thermostat is one of the simplest activities that homeowners can perform.
  • Make sure it's set to heat rather than cool and that the temperature is higher than the present inside temperature.
  • If you can't recall the last time you changed the battery in your thermostat, now is the time to do it.
  • Turn your thermostat up a few degrees when you initially switch to your heat setting to check that it is working properly and heating your home's air.

Make Sure Your Air Vents Are Open

There's a prevalent misperception that you can save money by closing vents in rooms that aren't being used. Avoid closing too many doors, since this may raise the pressure in your furnace, making it more difficult to heat your home.

This can cause blower motor failure, mold or mildew in your ducting, compressor damage, a fractured heat exchanger, and other issues.

  • Inspection in its entirety. A comprehensive visual and point inspection of your furnace and duct system should be performed as part of the service. During this inspection, a skilled technician should be able to tell you if your equipment or specific parts are showing signs of wear.

  • Evaluation of the pilot and gas pressure. Adjustments to the pilot and gas pressure should be performed as needed as part of your tune-up to restore these elements to the designed specifications.

Is The Furnace Getting Power?

To make the fan work, change the thermostat setting from "auto" to "on." If the fan turns on, power is working properly; if it doesn't, your furnace may need repair.

Is The Furnace Switch In Good Working Order?

A power switch (similar to a light switch) is located on each furnace, either on the furnace or on a neighboring wall. Turn on the switch and wait a few minutes to see if that helps turn on the furnace. Also, make sure the furnace's access panels and doors are completely shut.

Drainage Of Condensate

Every day, high-efficiency furnaces can drain several gallons of water. The furnace will shut down if the drain lines become clogged with dirt and debris.

Check For Clogs In The Vents

Assess the issue if your furnace vents out the side of the home to check if anything is blocking the intake or exhaust. Make sure there are no leaves, animal nests, or snow/ice in the area.

What Are The Advantages Of Furnace Maintenance?

Furnace repair Birmingham has numerous advantages to having cleaned regularly, including:

Increased Efficiency

With regular use, your furnace goes through a lot of wear and strain. It pulls the chilly air back in, heats it, and forces the hot air into the ductwork, where it is distributed around the room.

This entire process has the potential to block the filter over time. Furnaces must be cleaned regularly to maintain efficiency levels, ensure adequate airflow, and reduce the time it takes to heat the air.

Warranty Is Safeguarded

If your furnace is covered by a warranty, it must be serviced regularly. If you don't, the warranty may be voided. You may have to pay for all of the repairs that were meant to be covered.


By having your furnace cleaned by a professional, you may avoid your system becoming clogged and using more energy. The bill is directly proportional to the amount of power consumed, so the smaller the power usage, the lower the bill.

Increased Life Expectancy

Regular maintenance extends the life of your furnace by a few years. If you put off furnace repairs for financial reasons, keep in mind that it may end up costing you more money in the long run. Maintenance is the only way to ensure that you have constant heating.

Risk Reduction

Regular maintenance can help you avoid typical mishaps like a failure or a lack of airflow. Carbon monoxide is produced by furnaces as part of their operation, and a leak can be deadly. Professionals can assist with potential carbon monoxide leaks by inspecting and correcting any sources of leaks and ensuring that your family is not exposed to them.

Do You Need Furnace Repair in Birmingham?

Furnaces, like any other item, need to be maintained regularly. Cleaning your furnace not only boosts its efficiency but also extends its lifespan. Furnace repairs in Birmingham will surely help you stay warm, cozy, and safe home during winters. 

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