November 19, 2021

In many parts of the world, especially during summertime, air conditioning is less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Air conditioning units are used significantly more often during this time of year, which means this is also the time when people need AC repair in Birmingham.

Summertime is the most likely time for units to experience issues when people need them the most – and there are several problems that you can run into.

Frequent Noises

While air conditioners normally make noise when they’re running, they usually hum in the background without much issue to anyone.

The problem arises when your AC unit starts making noises it shouldn’t (i.e., squeaking or screeching sounds), and this is a major sign that something is wrong that needs to be checked. I this is the case for you, avoid trying to fix this issue by yourself.

Many issues can cause your AC unit to make noises, such as a motor bearing problem or a faulty internal belt, that are rather tricky to fix. These are best left to professionals who know how to repair them safely and without risk of injury.

Uneven Cooling

Temperature fluctuations can be caused by many things. However, one of the most common reasons for uneven cooling is because half of the unit being in the shade while the other is exposed to direct sunlight (i.e., poor installation).

Other reasons include leaks in ductwork, poor insulation, and even blocked vents. This can be enough to make a significant difference and lower the AC unit’s cooling efficiency.

You can avoid this by making sure your air conditioning unit is properly installed in a fully shaded place with adequate ventilation. On top of this, make sure that your vents are clear and unobstructed, and place curtains over your windows during the warmest time of the day.

Other AC Maintenance Tips

Just like any other appliance, it’s important to regularly maintain your AC unit to keep it working properly, especially during times when it gets too warm. Here are a few easy things you can do to avoid various problems with your air conditioning unit:

  • Replace your air filtersDirty filters mean your AC unit is doing more work for less cooling. Clogged filters restrict airflow, so be sure to clean your filters once in a while or swap them out when they get too worn out (the lifespan of a filter is three to 12 months).
  • Clear brush and debris – Just like a clogged air filter, condensers and outdoor units can also get clogged with leaves and trash on top of dust and debris.
  • Repair holes in your ducts – If your energy bills keep skyrocketing despite not enough air coming in, it might be time to check if there are leaks and call in a professional service to repair the holes.
  • Avoid crowding the vents – Airflow is just as important as the unit itself. If it’s blocked by anything, whether it’s curtains, furniture, or even plants, it can affect the overall air quality.

Do You Need AC Repair in Birmingham?

Staying comfortable is an important part of people’s daily lives, whether at home, school, or especially at work. In the summertime, you want to cool down when outside temperatures get too hot. That’s where air conditioning comes in to keep you cool.

However, no matter how good your appliances are, you’re going to encounter some issue with them at least once or twice. If you do, you shouldn’t wait until your air conditioning unit stops working.

Once you notice these problems, be sure to call in a professional like Air Master Heating and Air Conditioning to ensure that your air conditioner will keep you comfortable for a long time. We can help by giving you the best AC repair Birmingham has to offer and more, and all at a reasonable price.