January 24, 2022

Air conditioners today are quieter than ever before. And we want to make certain that yours is as well. To keep noise levels low, high-efficiency air conditioners use sound-dampening technology and variable-speed compressors. So, if you hear strange or unusual noises coming from your air conditioner, pay attention and call AC repair in Troy.  

Ignoring unexplained noises from your air conditioner may transform little problems into significant costs, since these noises could indicate anything from a simple tune-up to pricey repairs, or, in the worst-case scenario, the complete replacement of the machine. The sooner you can figure out what's causing the noise and fix your AC problems, the better.  

We've compiled a comprehensive list of all the AC noises you could hear and the issues they indicate to assist you in troubleshooting the next time your unit makes a noise.  

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Air Conditioner Noises and What They Could Mean  

The low sounds our air conditioning machine makes daily are familiar to most of us: a click on or off, and the gentle sound of a fan. However, attempting to figure out what's causing your air conditioner to make strange noises may be nerve-wracking. Fortunately, Air Master professionals have heard every sound an air conditioner can make and can tell you what they imply.  

Here are some of the most frequent sounds your HVAC system could produce, as well as what they could mean.  

AC Noises Screeching and Squealing    

Is there a high-pitched screaming or squealing noise coming from your loud air conditioner? This might be attributed to a number of factors:    

High Pressure in Compressor Unit  

If your air conditioner makes a high-pitched screeching noise, it implies that significant pressure has built up in your compressor. Turn off the air conditioner right away because excessive pressure might cause it to burst. As quickly as possible, contact an HVAC specialist.  

Broken or Worn-Out Belt  

A squealing noise might also be caused by a worn-out or damaged fan belt. The most common source of this noise is ducted/central air conditioners. The motor and the fan are connected via a belt in earlier versions, which might wear out over time. Furthermore, in the summer, owing to high humidity levels, the belt might shrink and extend, causing unpleasant sounds.  

Defective Fan Motor Bearings  

When you switch on your air conditioner, you'll hear a metal-on-metal screaming noise, which signifies the fan motor bearings have failed and need to be replaced.  

Air Conditioner Making a Hissing Sound  

Have you ever had the impression that a snake has taken up residence inside your air conditioner since you're always hearing loud hissing noises? The following are some of the potential causes and what you may do about them:  

Leaking Compressor Valve  

Hissing sounds can also be caused by a compressor valve leak. The pressurization of the refrigerant is controlled by the valves. In this situation, you should contact an HVAC technician right once since the problem might cause serious harm.  

High-Pressure Compressor  

It's a compressor issue if the hissing noise has turned into a screeching noise after some time. It's possible that high pressure has built up in your outside air conditioner. Shut off your air conditioner and call a professional to evaluate this problem.  

Refrigerant Leakage  

A refrigerant leak is one of the causes of the hissing sound. Damage to the refrigerant line might cause refrigerant to leak. The lines might weaken over time due to usage, resulting in leakage. To remedy this issue, you'll need to contact a professional because there isn't a DIY solution available.  

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Air Conditioner Making a Banging or Rattling Noise  

It's likely, but not always, that an AC noise that sounds like forceful hammering is caused by a condenser problem. Here are several explanations for the alarming sounds, as well as possible solutions:  

Getting Dirt Particles Stuck in Your Condenser  

The banging/rattling air conditioner sounds may not be indicative of a serious issue and can be readily remedied. Sticks, leaves, and other dirt particles might become lodged in the condenser, causing this noise. If you fail to clean the condenser for a long time and your exterior unit is surrounded by bushes, the small leaves and twigs might get caught.  

To get rid of the trapped things, remove the condenser cover. Consider hiring a professional if you're having trouble with your HVAC system.  

Compressor or Fan Motor Failure  

The worst-case situation is if your air conditioner starts making a hammering noise. It might be the result of a faulty compressor. Unfortunately, replacing a compressor may be rather pricey. If your air conditioner is more than a decade old, it's preferable to let it go rather than waste money on repairs. Here's a wonderful resource on air conditioner lifespans.  

If your air conditioner is generating a loud noise from inside the unit, the bangs might be caused by a damaged fan motor or an unbalanced motor. It will be pricey to replace the motor, so speak with a professional to have a better grasp of the problem.  

Important: Do not attempt to check the fan motor while it is operating. This might result in serious injury.

Loose Screws  

Additionally, many rattling noises are caused by loose screws. When an air conditioner is switched on, both the interior and exterior units vibrate. This vibration might cause the screws to loosen over time.  

All you have to do to repair this problem is tighten the screws using a screwdriver.  

The Air Conditioner Is Making a Pulsating Noise  

There may be nothing to be concerned about if your air conditioner makes sluggish pulsing noises. If the noise is loud and repetitive, though, it indicates a concern.  

Coil or Loose Fan Blade    

It might be caused by a loose fan blade or coil that has loosened over time, causing the AC noise. All you have to do now is tighten the screws, and your air conditioner will be back to normal in no time.  

Pulsating AC Plastic Base  

If your air conditioner is supported by a plastic foundation, the compressor action might cause the entire device to pulse, including the base.  

AC Is Making a Whistling Noise  

Is there a whistle-like sound coming from your air conditioner? This noise may not be as loud as the others, but it does indicate that something is wrong with the air conditioner. Here are some probable explanations:  

There's a Leak in the AC Duct  

Your central air conditioner's faulty duct might generate noises that seem like someone is whistling. The remedy is to properly seal the ductwork. Aside from the noise, a leaking duct wastes energy, which can raise your utility expenses.    

AC Air Flow Obstruction  

The high pressure on the blower motor caused by the lack of air may generate high-pitched whistling noises if an object hinders the airflow of your AC. Whistling noises will be produced by air moving through the crevices. Cleaning the air filters on a regular basis will help to avoid this problem in the future.  

Buzzing Air Conditioner Noise  

Do you have a loud buzzing noise coming from your air conditioner? This might indicate several issues:    

Compressor Malfunction

If the AC unit continues to receive electricity after it has ceased working, a buzzing sound will be heard. The compressor will most likely need to be replaced.

Failure of the Contactor  

The contactor in your air conditioner is in charge of managing the flow of power to the compressor. It can stop the power from flowing if it malfunctions or wears out. Your air conditioner will produce loud buzzing noises when it attempts to start up but is unable to do so due to a faulty contactor.  

Loose Wires  

It's most likely due to loosened, exposed wires if you hear a constant buzzing AC noise. Turn off the air conditioner immediately since there is a significant risk of an electric spark, and get the wiring repaired.  

Freezing Parts  

It's possible that the freezing of your interior air conditioner's components is causing it to buzz. The interior unit can freeze for a variety of causes, including a low thermostat setting, low refrigerant, and so on.  

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Do You Need an AC Repair in Troy?  

Regular expert inspections and good maintenance of your air conditioner can help avoid unusual sounds from emerging from your air conditioner. If you have an air conditioning problem, call Air Master Heating & Air Conditioning.