June 13, 2022

Homeowners may be relieved to learn that air conditioners usually always show signs of needing maintenance. AC repair in Troy is not as expensive as you think but it can be a hassle. So, to prevent major issues, pay attention to the following symptoms and remain on top of your AC's health and maintenance needs.  

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AC Repair Indicators

No Cool Air

You'll notice a deficiency in chilly air coming from the vents if your air conditioner isn't working properly. The air may not be cool at all in other circumstances. When this happens, the compressor in the system may have failed or the refrigerant levels may be too low. The following are the reasons why your AC does not give out cool air:  

  • Thermostat Issue - All of the action begins with the thermostat. The air conditioner will not switch on until the room temperature exceeds the regulated level. The first step is to double-check that the thermostat has not been altered. Check to see if it's on cool or auto. Occasionally, a thermostat will be set to heat rather than cool, which will cause an issue in the future.
  • Clogged or Blocked Registers - The ventilation system extends throughout the house, and if something leaks or blocks in the ductwork, there will be a problem in the cooling system. A rip or hole in the ductwork could indicate that chilly air is escaping from your attic. Rodents in your attic, such as mice or rats, can wreak havoc on ductwork and cause leaks, affecting the way your system cools.
  • Evaporator Condenser or Coil Issue - Coil problems will create considerable disturbance within the AC unit and should be addressed as soon as possible by an HVAC technician. Over time, the condenser may potentially fail. Have this examined if your air conditioner isn't blowing cold air and no other reason can be determined.
  • Clogged or Dirty Filter - These filters work nonstop all year to catch pollen, dirt, lint, and hair. If they are not replaced on a regular basis, they quickly become full. The filters should be changed every three months in addition to periodic cleaning. You may need to change it more frequently if you have indoor pets.
  • Low or Leaking Refrigerant - A leak not only prevents the air conditioner from cooling effectively, but it can also cause additional problems in the house. When the temperature inside your home isn't cool enough, humidity levels may rise, making it feel hotter than it is.


Moisture found where it shouldn't be indicates a few problems. For starters, it may be a refrigerant leak, which could put you and your family in danger. It could potentially be an issue with the condensate pipe, which could be clogged or broken. To avoid mold growth, you'll need to manage moisture issues in any case.  

If you see a puddle on the floor beneath your air conditioner, it definitely has a leakage problem. If your system is leaking refrigerant or your evaporator coils are frozen, you'll notice a difference in the efficiency of your system. Your electricity bills will also rise as a result of AC’s refrigerant leakage.  

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Foul Odors

Dealing with pungent odors emanating from your AC vents can be a pain. If the scent is musty, you most likely have mildew or mold growing inside the duct or unit. The most prevalent and unpleasant odor associated with air conditioners is a stale and dirty odor.  

If your air conditioner smells musty, the most common culprit is water buildup in the drip lines or drain pan, which can lead to the growth of mildew or fungus. This issue must be addressed right away. Bad scents could also be the result of burned-out wire insulation, which should be replaced as soon as feasible.

If your AC smells like a car’s exhaust, there may be problems with the refrigerant. A refrigerant leak smells like sweet chloroform, or, to put it another way, like your car's coolant but sweeter. Even though it is a nearly odorless gas, it still has a distinct odor. However, because it is heavier than air, it does not linger in the air for long and swiftly falls to the ground.

If your air conditioner emits a chemical odor, you should have it checked by a professional as soon as possible. A Freon leak may be dangerous, but a qualified HVAC technician can quickly fix it. If you can’t get a professional right away, open your doors and windows to make sure the room is well ventilated.

Unusual Sounds

If your air conditioner makes a grating, grinding, or screeching, it's probably time to replace it. Strange noises signal a problem inside the device, and waiting to contact a technician for repairs could result in more expensive service later.

Screeching noises coming from your air conditioner indicate a problem with the fan motor. A faulty motor in the condenser system's compressor could possibly be the source of this noise. Likewise, a malfunctioning blower fan motor inside your home could possibly be making a squealing or screeching noise.

Airflow Issues   

One of the common hints that your air conditioner is broken is the lack of airflow. You'll notice a lack of airflow coming from the AC vents, which indicates that your ductwork is clogged or that the compressor is failing.

Examine your air conditioning vents for any obstructions. Remove any drapes or furniture that are obstructing the movement of air. Take a piece of cloth and clear the dust off the vents' grills while you're checking all the vents in your house. Repair any leaks or holes in your ducting.

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Get Quality AC Repair in Troy That’s Worth Your Budget

If you feel your unit is experiencing any of the issues listed above, it's time to have it repaired before it completely fails. Remember that HVAC airflow issues can be avoided with an annual professional inspection and proper maintenance!  

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